Tool for a detailed mapping of client‘s online target group.

It finds out the detailed “interests” - affinity to over 9000 topics and different subjects (television, film, music genres, sport, influencers, books, tabloids/mainstream periodicals...!).
Of course, socio-demography is part of the data (age, gender, city/region of residence, education, household size).


How .insights can be used?

Thanks to digital.insights you will get to know your potential customers in the online space. Based on this data:

  • your marketing strategy will be more efficient
  • your company social media sites will include content that will be interesting for your customers
  • your Facebook and online campaigns will be better targeted


What is the value of .insights?

With digital.insights we provide, the content of your online communication will be more attractive, you will be able to target campaigns more efficiently, and your collaboration choices will be more relevant.

- for each EURO invested you will receive a higher value

- higher performance of Facebook campaigns

- quality data decrease overall marketing costs
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