We will answer questions you haven‘t even thought of asking.

Kakadu.digital products


It will explore the client's online target group in depth. It finds detailed interests - affinity for over 9,000 topics and different subjects.


It enables you to efficiently conduct any online survey and
find the answers that usually arise in the business world - quickly and simply.

About us

Kakadu.digital is market research tool that lets you know your active online target audience. This is a group of people which brings you the largest part of turnover.

At Kakadu.digital we offer a wide portfolio of marketing research and products ranging from active online target group identification to comprehensive brand positioning. We design solutions that are efficient, cost-effective and help set up your online communication in the right direction.

Part of our team is a scale of professional consultants who cover different segments from startups, innovative businesses, media, retail to banks.

We know your active online target audience and customers better than you do.

Get to know your active

online audience

Knowing who your potential customers are and how they change over time will allow you to give them the right content and get their attention.

Target your campaigns better than your competitors

If you know who is your customer and what interests he/ she has, you can target your online campaigns to the smallest detail and increase ROI.

Conclude effective marketing collaborations

Choosing a suitable influencer is important for delivering information to the right group of people. We can recommend you influencers relevant for your target group in a specific region or city.

Case Studies

Profutbal.sk (Fun media group a.s.)


What steps should be taken to make profutbal.sk more attractive to soccer fans? How to increase website traffic?

Desmod (kapela)

Before the start of the Czech-Slovak tour, it was found that the band had not had enough information about Czech fans. It was not clear how to properly set up media collaboration and online campaigns. The task was to find out as much as possible about the Czech audience and to prepare documents for the successful implementation of communication on Czech market.

E-shop (z oblasti bio potravín)

The goal was to increase communication efficiency at regional level. The client was interested in knowing the customer profile, not only by product type but also from a regional perspective, in order to be able to better formulate the offer and communicate more effectively in different regions and regions.


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